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who I serve & how I do it

My clients are innovative, energetic members of society that are trying to make the world better usually without a silver-spoon in their mouth. They want to give something back to their families and they want it to be easier for the next generation.


Many times, they are the people that emerge out of the rubble of colonization, forced and economic migration, indentured labour, religious and sexual persecution and slavery. They are some of the strongest, hard working people that I have ever met and they never cease to surprise me.

My clients often have added pressure from family, society, culture and religious groups to succeed with little help or guidance. After working in Canada, America, The United Kingdom, and the Caribbean and evaluating the successes and failures of my family of immigrants, I am compelled to help people move to their own definition of success faster, easier, cheaper, and happier. 

Happy Meditator
Bearded Businessman

I believe that knowledge of success, wealth, love, and happiness should not just be for the well networked, connected, or elite; however, there are things that wealthy people learn earlier that allows them to thrive and save precious time and energy.

I focus on simplifying business, cultural, and social concepts and making sure my clients are prepared for what the market, society, and life will throw at them.  

Whether you have just come out, left the reserve, immigrated, or started a business for the first time, I am here to move you from survival mode to success mode and have you enjoy the ride all the way through. 

I carry these values into all the projects I take part in, whether I am hosting, keynote speaking, producing media, training or coaching entrepreneurs.

That's a promise. 

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