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where it started

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to my Black, Trinidadian, Roman Catholic father and my Indian, Guyanese mother. So much of my story is shaped by being a child of first generation Canadians; navigating the Canadian world outside my home and very different one inside it. I grew up in a working poor home and went to school with middle to upper class kids. I moved schools, neighbourhoods, and cities many times. School was a real challenge for me and in order to progress I felt the need to become a cultural chameleon.  

Paying my own way through school and not being a natural academic and it took me a while to graduate from Business School. I needed to learn in the real world and I took a tons of jobs to do so. From working with a promotion team, public speaking, management, and instructing, I took every possible paid and unpaid opportunity to gain more experience. I was very aware that I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and that I didn't always fit into Canadian society. This fact pushed me to join as many groups and teams that I felt would propel my career forward.

I went to St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies, on a Canadian International Development Agency internship . Later, I worked England to begin my career in consulting and helped the the 2013 winner of The BBC's The Apprentice open for clinic. 

I learned a great deal, but the pressure I felt was enormous and I was exhausted.


When I loved back to Winnipeg, I realized that up to that point I was living in survival mode that may have been birthed from hustling out of poverty, constantly being "the only one" in a room, being a child of immigrants. 


I began working in the non-profit sector, consulting with newcomer and low income entrepreneurs. My clients reminded me of my family; confused people in a new country trying to get ahead by just working harder and harder. This formula was not working and these people were losing a generation of wealth with every wave of immigration. It was tough to watch, but I learned my gift and my purpose. I am here to make diverse people feel big enough to achieve their dreams. I changed from consulting to coaching; giving my clients a holistic experience that covered all things they needed to get ahead in Canada in the happiest, healthiest, fasted and cheapest way possible. 

In my 16 plus year career, I know that I make my clients feel bigger and better; the tools I use to do that are hosting and emceeing events, keynote speaking, producing and writing media, coaching and training.


I love what I do and I would love to work with you sometime soon.  

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