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  • One Step At A Time - Consulting Sessions

    • Need on the spot business help from someone that is familiar with your business? Quit worrying about your business problem and solve it now. The One Hustle At a Time sessions are the best for business owners that have an immediate need for business advice from a trusted an, honest, and easy to understand business consultant. 

    • Sessions are Valued at $50 CAD an hour

  • On Call CEO Monthly

    • You're a boss and you run the show; but that is hard sometimes. Wouldn't it be great to have a fellow CEO that you can turn to to help you; ​

      • Manage your business​

      • Keep you accountable

      • Troubleshoot Issues

      • Formulate business strategy

      • Ensure you are meeting your profit targets

      • and anything else that you may need

    • For an affordable monthly retainer, you have access to a CEO and peace of mind in a hectic business environment. 

    • If you require the use of any other business tools; such as, websites, business plans, etc, these can be added onto your monthly service.   

    • This service is valued at $350 CAD a month and you have access to eight hours of time a month


  • Sometimes you just need someone else to do that big job that you have been putting off or that you do not have the time to learn how to do. If you have more hands-on needs, I can provide a workable solution for you. Let's start with a Free Welcome Session to assess your needs - book below!

    • A sample of what is available

      • Business Plan Writing

      • Marketing and Financial Forecasts

      • Strategic Planning

      • Interviewing, Hiring, and Training

      • Human Resources Manuals

      • Web Design and Print Materials

      • Branding

      • Virtual Assistance

      • Satellite CEO

      • Resumes, Cover Letters and Portfolios

      • Accounting and Bookkeeping

      • and more!


  • Whether you need business theory or practical knowledge, I provide online courses that that take the anxiety out of business. When you finish a course, you will feel that business will be something you can start, grow, and succeed in. Let's start with a Free Welcome Session to assess your needs - book below! 

  • Some of the subjects I cover in courses are; 

    • How to Start a Business During a Pandemic

    • What They Don't Tell You About Moving to Canada, The US, and the UK

    • 10 Things International Students Need to Do Before and During their Time in Canada

    • I Got Accepted as a Citizen by Investment - Now What?!

    • I Just Left the Reserve for the City - Now What?!

    • I Just Left My Small Town for the Big City - Now What?!

    • 10 Affluent Habits to Develop During the Pandemic

    • Sales and Marketing on a Budget

    • Fundamentals of Business​

    • Fundamentals of Marketing

    • Customer Service Management

    • Full Facial Assessment (For Medical Aesthetic Clinics)

    • Running the Salon Program (Beauty Industry)

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