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host  speaker  producer  writer  trainer  coach

I leave people feeling bigger & better. 
Let's make that happen for you, your event, & your business



Some people don’t see colour, I celebrate it.

I'm interested in the diversity of all people and their amazing stories. 


After working and living in the US, UK, Canada and Caribbean with people of all backgrounds I know I'm a peaceful global citizen and I am open and curious about people, especially if we differ in worldview and politics.


Career Highlights Include;

  • CBC Radio Host, Producer, Reporter

  • Consultant for the Winner of The Apprentice UK in 2013

  • Canadian Delegation Member at the 2018 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

  • Co-Developer, Instructor and Consultant for the First Immigrant Women Exploring Business Program

  • Co-Developer, Instructor and Consultant for Manitoba's First Immigrant Family Child Care Training Program

  • Directly involved in the creation of 200 businesses, 76 jobs, 5 social enterprises, and 16 business courses

When I'm not working on a cool project, I'm usually in a dance class, going for a walk, or watching Netflix with the fam.


Darrell Cole,
Founder of Career Trek

During the 12 years that I have known her, Ms. Paul has demonstrated a continuous commitment to promoting the rights of the under-served.  This commitment has been largely manifest through efforts to give power to such marginalized populations through educational and economic self-empowerment.


Yasmin Khan, 
Founder of KT Training

Keisha Paul joined KT Training in 2013 as the Business Manager for KT Solutions (Consulting Division).


Within 2 years, she successfully rebranded the entire organization which led to increase revenue and an  increase in market capitalization.


Mahmoud Khattab, 
CEO of U Immigration

I have been dealing with Keisha for the last seven years and she is always positive and enthusiastic.  As a business consultant, she helped my clients to successfully establish their businesses in Canada. Keisha is a reliable and professional analyst whom I trust and feel confident in presenting her work to the IRCC.

image0 (1)_edited.jpg

Angelica Potes, 
CEO Angel Advisers

I have been working with Keisha since 2018. Keisha is not only an excellent business coach but she is also a wonderful human being.  I am really thankful for her support and guidance  while creating my business.  It wouldn't have been possible to have started my business without her.

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