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 - MY STORY - 

I am a proud child of two immigrant parents. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to my father, Hayden Von Paul, a Black man from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and my mother, Narima Khan, an Indian woman from Guyana, South America.

I ended up graduated with a Commerce (BComm (Hons)) degree and although I understood the value of a formal education, I spent  a lot of time acquiring the practical experience needed to execute the theories I learned in school. From working with a promotion team, public speaking, management, and instructing, I took every possible opportunity to gain more experience. Sadly, I knew that I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and, although my parents put me in the "right" schools and the "right" activities, I still had to be accepted in order to gain an opportunity. This fact pushed me to join as many groups and teams that I felt would propel my career forward. 


I ventured to St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies, on a Canadian International Development Agency internship to develop entrepreneurship programs. Later, I traveled to England for three years to work for my aunt's, Yasmin Khan's, medical aesthetic training company, KT Training. Myself and my aunt reopened the consulting division, KT Solutions and through that company she was able to consult for the 2013 winner of The BBC's The Apprentice, Dr. Leah Totton.


After my time in England, I moved back to Winnipeg and began working in the non-profit sector, consulting with newcomer and low income individuals trying to start businesses. We were consulting and training people and although were were doing great work, we were not reaching enough people and we were very slow. I realized that there was a huge amount of under served people out there. I began working with Business Class Immigrants to get them the business plans that they desperately needed to get into the country. During that time, I realized that people needed more guidance with regards to getting their lives and their families off the ground. At the time I was really stretched in terms of energy and time and it was not the right time to expand my personal services and also step down from my consulting job. 

During my five years of non-profit consulting I was blessed to have participated in the following groundbreaking projects; 

  • Canadian Delegation Member at the 2018 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

  • Helped to Develop, Teach and Consult the First Immigrant Women Exploring Business Program,

    • funded by the Canadian Women's Foundation

  • Helped to Develop, Teach and Consult for the Province's Premier Immigrant Family Child Care Training Program

  • Directly involved in the creation of 200 businesses, 76 jobs, 5 social enterprises, and 16 business courses

Business was always the vehicle that I used to teach people how powerful and special they really are. I realized that I am good at this and I want to use what I have learning in my career, my family, and personal journey to help the underdog find success on their own terms. If that sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

Love Always,



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